Why do I write?

Hello everyone!!

Hope you all are doing fine.

This is Srishti and today I am starting my blog for the first time I hope you all like it, and I am sure you’re not going to regret reading any of my blogs. In short, it is going to talk about books, and with this, I’m also going to discuss the various general topics which need to have some lights on.

Now the question is why I write. I often used to think that is why I write, as writing has different meanings from person to person, some people write for themselves whereas others like to share their thoughts with people. I came to the conclusion that I write to organize my thoughts into words as we can also say that I like to write about people, things, and places, and this process of organizing thoughts now becomes a habit. Also, it is a very effective way to interact with people. The more I write the more my passion for writing grows.  Here are some lines-

I write it for someone
or for no specific one
 I write all my fears,
for my mind to be clear.

I only used to write for myself till now but now I want to share my thoughts with my readers to know their perspective on my organized thoughts.  

From where I got this habit of writing? I remember when I was still in primary school my parents used to buy children’s books from the newspaper hawker who also delivers books on summer vacations and from there my love for reading started. All those animal characters named and symbolized as human fascinates me to read more and then make my own characters and start making stories out of them. As a kid, I did that a lot and then narrated them to my friends. With growing age, the love of making stories disappeared with time and developed into writing about everything from day-to-day life to writing about igniting topics.

Writing is reacting to someone or something or even expressing our emotions and feelings about anything. It somehow helps me with the overflowing chaos of my head to have some ground points. For me, the tone of our writing says a lot about what we want to express and how we want it to come to the readers. 

Last but not the least, I expect my readers to support me and also give some tips and suggestions. I am open to all.


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